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Thin strips of maple wood designed to give candles a smoky, woody scent and a soft crackling wood-fire sound.  Wooden wicks are useful for dispersing fragrance.
Wicks are unwaxed, and sustainers are sold separately.


Wick Sizes:

Small - 9.52 x 1.016 x 125mm

Medium - 12.7 x 1.016 x 125mm

Large - 15.87 x 1.016 x 125mm

X-Large - 19.05 x 1.016 x 125mm


Suggested candle diameter:

Small - 32-38mm

Medium - 39-51mm

Large - 52-76mm

X-Large - 77-89mm

Natural waxes will need a larger size wick.

Wooden Wick - Choose from 4 sizes

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