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A beautifully packaged kit to make 4 gorgeous, scented natural soy wax container candles.  A perfect gift!  Choose from several wonderful fragrance oils.


Each kit includes:
• 700g Soy Wax
• 4x Wicks
• 4x Wood Stirrers
• 10ml Fragrance Oil
• 1x Pipette
• 4x 20cl Candle Glasses
• 3x 4g Candle Dye (colours vary to complement the chosen fragrance oil.  If you would like particular colours, please ask when ordering)
• 1x Information Booklet (full of useful hints and tips)
• Online video tutorial


In addition to this kit, you will also need:
• Heat Resistant Container (tin can or Pyrex® Jug)
• Heat Source (hob or hot plate)
• Saucepan
• Scissors
• Blu Tack® or Sticky Dots
• Clothes Peg or Hair Clip

Not suitable for children under 14.

Craft at Home - Soy Wax Candles Kit

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