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A list of all the available classes at The Little Craftery!

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Silk Paper Making

£34 per person

2 Hours

Make beautiful sheets of paper with pure silk and other natural inclusions.


Treasure Necklace

£26 per person

2 Hours

Weave together a treasure trove of beads to create a gorgeous vintage-style necklace.


Macrame - Beaded Bracelet

£17 per person

1½ Hours

Decorative macrame knots and natural semi-precious stones make a fantastic beaded bracelet!


Chainmaille - Helmweave

£27 per person

2½ Hours

Weave silver or gold plate links together to create a stunning helmweave chainmaille bracelet.


Introduction to Candlemaking

£32 per person

2 Hours

Learn to make pillar candles, chip candles, tealights, floating candles, votives and rolled beeswax candles.


Handmade Recycled Paper

£29 per person

2 Hours

Create something beautiful from old bills and junk mail, and add dried leaves and flowers to make new paper.


Eco Soy Wax Container Candles

£45 per person

3 Hours

Use natural wax and essential oils to create a range of eco-friendly, vegan aromatherapy candles.


Needle Felting - Penguin

£27 per person

2½ Hours

Make a cute little penguin (or a robin) with just a needle and some 100% Merino Wool!


Macrame - Wall Hanging

£28 per person

2 Hours

Make a decorative wall hanging around a wire frame with macrame knots and recycled materials.


Lampshade Making

£35 per person

2½ Hours

Make a gorgeous double-sided drum lampshade to suit your home decor, finished to a professional standard.


Wet Felting - Jewellery

£30 per person

3 Hours

Create unique and quirky beads and jewellery from natural 100% Merino wool.

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Hand Rolled Beeswax Candles

£22 per person

1½ Hours

100% pure, natural beeswax candles are so easy and fun to make, and they look and smell beautiful!


Macrame - Wall Art

£32 per person

3 Hours

Learn 5 traditional macrame knots and weave them all together into a gorgeous wall decoration.


Wet Felting - Flowers

£22 per person

2 Hours

Learn to wet felt and hand-build two fabulous 3d flowers from natural 100% merino wool.


Mosaics for Beginners

£48 per person

4 Hours

Learn to cut, shape and arrange glass tiles to create a fabulous decorative mosaic panel.


Wet Felting - Pots and Bowls

£28 per person

2½ Hours

Learn to make felt using 100% merino wool, and create a 3d vessel by felting around a resist.


Origami Stars

£15 per person

1½ Hours

Make lovely little paper stars to decorate gifts, or adorn your Christmas tree!

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Natural Cold Process Soap Making

£39 per person

2 Hours

Learn about saponification with natural lye, and make gorgeous, natural handmade soap, from scratch!


Macrame - Feather

£20 per person

2 Hours

Make a cute decorative feather with traditional macrame techniques and natural materials.


Making Wax Wraps

£28 per person

1½ Hours

Use natural ingredients to make a reuseable, sustainable, compostible, eco-friendly alternative to cling film.


Introduction to Beaded Jewellery

£28 per person

2½ Hours

Get to grips with pliers and use silver-plated findings to create your own unique beaded jewellery.

Ring Making.jpg

Silver Ring Making

£65 per person

4½ Hours

Shape, solder, texture and finish a beautiful, made-to-measure ring from 925 (sterling) silver.


Macrame - Plant Hanger

£26 per person

2½ Hours

Learn to tie decorative macrame knots and create a stunning plant hanger from 100% cotton.

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Chainmaille - Half-Persian

£27 per person

2½ Hours

Learn two Half-Persian chainmaille weaves; 4-in-1 and 3-in-1, and create a gorgeous bracelet from plated wire!


Beaded Snowflake

£20 per person

1½ Hours

Add some sparkle to your Christmas tree with a fire-polished beaded snowflake!


Felted Baubles

£18 per person

1½ Hours

Use wet and dry felting techniques around a form to create cute hanging Christmas decorations!